The new 4G Kyocera kosher phones are for sale in three configurations. 1. Nesher kosher phone, No internet, No email, No text messaging, No camera. 2. Liberty talk & text, No internet, No email, No camera. 3. Liberty+ talk & text, No internet, No email.

These phones have a standard 2-year warranty. They can be activated on any new or existing Verizon plan just like you would activate any other Verizon device. These phones have been tested by qualified personnel and do not have Internet or Email access and cannot be factory re-set to original configuration.

These phones are a stock Kyocera phone, which have been re-flashed by the manufacturer to eliminate World Wide Web access and to block any type of factory re-set which would bring back unacceptable configurations. We are appreciative of the efforts and thoughtfulness of the team at Kyocera that has been willing to do this for us.

When you receive your phone, the model and configuration number will be on the outside of the box. There is also a tag under the battery cover with configuration number on it. On the menu, under the notifications, the model, configuration number and certifying organizations are listed.

All of these denote a modified phone.